CLEVELAND (WJW) — John Adams College & Career Academy is reopening Friday for the first time since a student was killed while waiting for the bus after school, the district CEO confirmed.

The school was closed on Wednesday so that students and teachers could seek grief counseling after the murder of John Adams junior Pierre McCoy.

On Thursday, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District declared a second calamity day, because so many teachers and staff members were absent after calling in sick.

“Very understandable. It’s a very disturbing situation right outside the school and you work here. It’s fear. I mean, somebody just walks up and shoots you — it’s frightening,” said Cleveland parent Demetrious Houston Sr.

The principal of John Adams said the premeditated murder of Pierre McCoy has had a profound impact on everyone at the school. There’s also an unsettling feeling because the killer in a ski mask who shot the 18-year-old multiple times in front of dozens of witnesses, has not been arrested.

“Everybody wants to feel safe. We understand that we are in the inner city. We understand what the crime statistics are in the neighborhood,” Principal Brian Evans told FOX 8. “You feel a little at ease when you know the person has been apprehended, so the fact that he has not been apprehended is overly concerning, because you just don’t know.”

In response to our questions about the sick leaves at John Adams, Cleveland Teachers Union President Shari Obrenski issued a statement that reads:

The John Adams community is mourning the loss of a young person to gun violence very near to the school during dismissal. This brazen and shocking attack has caused shock, sorrow, and fear for students, staff, and the larger community. The Cleveland Teachers Union is working to support the John Adams family and stands ready to work with city leaders, district officials, and other community members to effectively address the scourge of violence that our students, staff, and families are impacted by every day.

Meanwhile, administrators are asking students and parents to start following a series of safety protocols before and after school to improve security at John Adams. Parents who pick up their children and students who walk home or take the bus are asked to do so immediately after the final bell.

“Because it’s not safe for you to continue to be vulnerable in the public, because we control primarily what happens inside the building, but the outside is public domain and we don’t know who’s out there,” said Evans.

As Cleveland police continue their investigation of the murder, Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer.