CLEVELAND (WJW) — Have you ever tried escargot or caviar? The FOX 8 Morning Show crew was feelin’ a little adventurous Monday morning trying foods they’ve never had before.

Tantalizing the taste buds of the morning show crew, Kenny Crumpton invited the anchors to try new foods made by Cleveland chefs and caught their reaction live in the FOX 8 studios on Kickin’ It with Kenny.

In the video below, Todd Meany ate “fantastic, tender” boar, roasted for 3 hours, with a slow-roasted vegetable reduction sauce made by chef Luca Sema from Luca Restaurants in Northeast Ohio.

Up next, Kristi tried Indian-inspired dishes, complete with lamb and curry spices, giving the chef a high-five of approval.

Ready for a taste of the sea, Wayne tries escargot imported from France and enveloped in a white wine reduction sauce made in studio by chef Jeff from L’Albatros.

Guess what Stefani Schaeffer and Scott Sabol tried for the first time? Cleveland-area chef Steve Schimoler creates simple-but-flavorful Asian-inspired scallion pancakes and caviar from Israel, topped with pickled hummingbird tongues.

Scott says anything that’s shaped like a triangle tastes better.

Kenny Crumpton visits the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to hear more about its spring and summer programs on Tuesday’s Kickin’ It with Kenny.