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EUCLID, Ohio– The Euclid chapter of the NAACP issued a travel advisory for the city of Euclid.

The association said it is an effort to prevent more incidents of police misconduct and abuse, and to protect residents.

“The Euclid NAACP is advising travelers, particularly those of color to proceed with caution when driving through the municipality of Euclid, Ohio. We suggest that you remain aware of your surroundings,” said Euclid NAACP President Cassandra McDonald in a news release on Monday.

“Likewise, if you are stopped and approached by police officers, do not make sudden moves, keep your hands visible and your insurance and license within arm’s reach. Make a mental note of the officer’s badge and/or car number and the approximate time of the stop. If asked to get out of the vehicle keep your hands up and comply.”

This comes after a former Euclid resident filed a civil lawsuit against an officer for use of excessive force.

Also on Monday, an arbitrator ruled in favor of another Euclid officer, who was terminated for use of force, will get his job back.