EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – Euclid City Schools decided to move Friday night’s football game to Brunswick High School.

In a statement on Facebook, the district said students have made Euclid High School “uncomfortable” to host events.

It went on to say that hosting Friday’s game in Euclid would not be a responsible decision.

“It’s disappointing for the district because the vast majority of our students, they come to school loving Euclid High School, loving the traditions of what we do,” said Superintendent Chris Papouras.

According to school officials, they’re working with police investigators to identify students who took part in inappropriate behavior, including fights and other violence.

“The biggest concern was that some kids would use this as an opportunity to continue the conflict that has been going on, some of it might be retaliation, some of it might be standing up for a friend. We just thought that putting kids in the situation before we fully understood the picture was not the way to go,” Papouras said.x

The district also canceled Thursday night’s homecoming parade and there will be heightened security at Saturday’s dance.

“We will hold those responsible who have ruined Homecoming Week for the majority of students who wish for nothing more than a positive, enjoyable and safe high school experience,” the statement said.

School officials plan to assess this week’s incidents as they weigh the options for the final home game.

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