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EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) Residents in certain neighborhoods in Euclid recently began to notice that their garbage was not being picked up on time by the city’s trash collection provider, Kimble Recycling and Waste Disposal.

Homeowners point out that it does not take long for the uncollected garbage to become an eyesore, and the focus of complaints to city hall. “It’s kind of alarming, there’s a lot of people moving in and out, a lot of renters, it can pile up quickly, cause road hazard if it falls out into the road,” said Kasey Collins.

According to the City of Euclid’s website, Kimble is blaming delays in garbage pickup on a  “shortage of qualified drivers and delayed availability of parts for service vehicles and equipment.” Michael Eady has been a driver for Kimble for the past 8 months, and says he and his co-workers are doing the best they can.

 Eady says he and other drivers are now trying to catch up in neighborhoods that were missed, and says their message to customers who may be impacted by delays, “please be patient. We’re doing our best, and eventually it’s going to be picked up,” he said.

Homeowners say like other businesses facing a shortage of workers during the pandemic, the solution to the problem may be increasing wages and benefits.

“People want to work and if it’s enough, that will outweigh the risk and then people will work,” said Kasey Collins. “So maybe added incentives to get the workers is what is necessary.” 

Residents can report missed garbage collection routes, by calling the City of Euclid’s Service Department at 216-289-2701.