EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – Police are asking for the public’s help as potential car thieves strike again, breaking into yet another Northeast Ohio car dealership. 

This time, despite their best efforts, they were unable to steal any vehicles.

Euclid police say it is unclear whether the half dozen potential car thieves are connected to other dealership thefts in Northeast Ohio, but investigators hope someone can help identify them and get them off the street before they strike again.

Around 3 a.m. Saturday, a Kia SUV pulled up to the Spitzer Honda dealership on East 200th Street in Euclid. Surveillance video showed six people get out, while the driver stayed inside.

“The vehicle they arrived in was more than likely stolen,” said Euclid Police Captain Mitch Houser.

The video also showed someone in the group crashing a huge rock through a window.  Immediately, the dealership’s alarm went off, but that didn’t deter the six people who ran inside.

“You can see the group pulling up to the side of the dealership, they get a big rock out, they crash through a window and they go rushing in. They rummage through some desk, they can’t find what they’re looking for,” said Houser.

Euclid police say even though the potential thieves were fast, they hope someone can recognize some of the clothing they are wearing. 

One person was wearing a headband with an orange stripe. Another wore a red, white and blue coat. The six people, most likely juveniles, according to police, ran away without finding any keys or stealing any vehicles.

“I know that in other locations, other dealerships throughout the metro area, that’s been a problem, but they didn’t find the keys here and they weren’t able to get away with anything, so outside of the broken window, thankfully there wasn’t any property lost,” Houser said.

“I was really shocked, really at how bold they were,” said Maria Rocco, the service manager at Galati Foreign Car Service in North Olmsted.

The independent repair facility is only a half mile away from where five vehicles were stolen early Saturday morning, including an expensive pickup truck belonging to Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

She says in recent days the company has spent thousands of dollars upgrading security to protect their property and customers.

“We’ve updated our alarm system, we’ve updated our cameras, put night vision. We’ve also installed more cameras along the perimeter. We’ve updated our lock box,” said Rocco.