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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) –  A home health care aide in Erie County is facing charges that include attempted murder and theft for allegedly trying to poison one of her patients with powerful drugs.

A Sandusky police body camera was rolling as 34-year-old Mallory Giles, of Huron, faced tough questions from detectives about a series of purchases she made while using the credit cards and identity of the 93-year old-man she had been caring for at his condo in Sandusky. 

“He had his credit cards that he was allowing the home health aide to use to make certain purchases that he needed for his needs, to make sure that things were met for him. However, at some point, she began taking advantage of that and started making purchases for herself,” Lt. Scott Dahlgren told FOX 8.

In the police video, Giles says, “I don’t know why I did it.”

One of the detectives responded, “I don’t know either.”

The daughter of the 93-year-old victim noticed the unauthorized purchases on her father’s account and contacted the police.

Detectives say it appears Giles bought more than $50,000 in merchandise with the victim’s credit cards.

On the body camera video, a detective tells Giles, “You basically outfitted your entire house with all of these credit cards.”

According to Lt. Dahlgren, “We believe there were shoes that were included in that, clothing, furniture for her residence, wall décor, outside lawn care items.”

While police were investigating the theft allegations, the 93-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital, suffering from a drug overdose.

He was revived with Narcan and doctors would then discover that he had been given powerful narcotics that were not part of his daily treatment.

Sandusky police say their investigation revealed that Giles had allegedly been mixing opioids with medication that had been prescribed by the victim’s doctor.

They say her motive for allegedly poisoning the 93-year-old was diabolical. 

“She was trying to keep him medicated to a point where he wasn’t looking at bank statements and credit card statements and things like that, where she could just handle those kinds of things without him noticing,” said Lt. Dahlgren. 

At the conclusion of their investigation, police arrested Giles on charges that include attempted murder and theft from a protected class, which reflects the age and declining health of the victim.

“It’s sad. It’s very upsetting that somebody would take advantage of someone who’s just so vulnerable, you know. Unfortunately, our elderly are vulnerable in society and people continue to prey on them. We’re just glad that a family member noticed it when they did, instead of it actually going any further,” said Lt. Dahlgren.

Giles is being held in the Erie County Jail on a bond of $560,000.