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CLEVELAND — WWE Superstar Wade “Bad News” Barrett stopped by Fox 8 News in the Morning on Monday for some fun.

Barrett was in town for WWE Monday Night Raw at Quicken Loans Arena.

He’s best known for his trademark line, “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”

His signature move is the “Bad News Bull Hammer Elbow”.

He’s the WWE Intercontinental Champion, but the title is on the line at WWE Raw.

Barrett lives in Tampa, Florida, but is originally from England.

Barrett calls himself a sports entertainer, and says he started his career as a fan before deciding he wanted to start training.

“I was a huge fan. As I got older, I continued watching guys like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I decided being a fan wasn’t enough for me. I really wanted to be a Professional Wrestler, or a Sports Entertainer as we call ourselves these days,” Barrett said.

Barrett says he’s not opposed to following in the footsteps of wrestlers-turned-actors like The Rock. He acted alongside Colin Farrell in the film “Dead Man Down” while he was out of the ring due to an injury.

Barrett played along with Todd Meany and Jennifer Jordan in a game called “Good News Bad News with Wade Barrett”.

During the game, Barrett would be given a piece of good news, and then give his “bad news” spin on it.

When Todd Meany asked Barrett what he thought about Cleveland as a potential site for the Republican National Convention, Barrett delivered his trademark line.

“Todd, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. The only thing that’s going to bring thousands of people to Cleveland, is coming to see me at Monday Night Raw,” Barrett responded.

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