(WJW) — “Breaking Bad” lead Bryan Cranston said he plans to retire from acting in 2026 to spend more time with his wife, Robin Dearden, as reported by PEOPLE.

The 67-year-old actor recently told British GQ he wants to “change the paradigm once again.”

“I love my wife, and we want to go the distance, but I want to do it in a healthy way,” Cranston said. “I don’t want to just be with her. I don’t want to just have the two of us go into a restaurant and no one says a word.” 

Cranston met his wife Dearden, 69, on the set of the TV show “Airwolf” in 1986, according to PEOPLE. They started dating a year later and eventually had a daughter, Taylor.

“For the last 24 years, Robin has led her life holding onto my tail,” he said. “She’s been the plus one, she’s been the wife of a celebrity. She’s had to pivot and adjust her life based on mine. She has tremendous benefit from it, but we’re uneven. I want to level that out. She deserves it.”

Cranston’s latest film is Asteroid City, directed by Wes Anderson, which hits theaters on June 16.

The actor will be on the cover of the summer issue of British GQ, available on June 13.