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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Musical artist Nightbirde, from Zanesville, Ohio, has won America’s Got Talent’s second Golden Buzzer of the season after a magical performance during the second round of auditions, given to her by judge Simon Cowell.

Jane Marczewski, who goes by the fanciful moniker “Nightbirde” when she sings, told the judges she planned to sing the original song “It’s OK,” explaining, “It’s the story of the last year of my life.”

When asked by Howie Mandell what she does for a living, Marczewski, 30, opened up about her cancer battle.

“I have not been working for quite a few years,” she explained. “I’ve been dealing with cancer.”

Before stepping up to the microphone, she added, “It’s important that everyone knows I’m so much more than the bad things that happen to me.” 

After a standing ovation, the compliments from the judges rained down on her, and eventually, so did the gold confetti.

“It’s funny because singers come on and, and I, and I think about authenticity, that you know when you feel it, when it moves you. That felt like the most authentic thing I have heard this season,” said judge Howie Mandell.

“It was powerful. It was heartfelt and I think you’re amazing,” gushed judge Sofia Vergara. 

“You gave me chills. I mean, your voice is so beautiful to listen to. It was beautiful all the way around,” added judge Heidi Klum.

“Your voice is stunning. Absolutely stunning!” Simon Cowell declared. “And I, I totally agree with what Howie said. You know, about authenticity. There was something about that song and the way you just almost casually told us what you’ve been going through.”

Marczewski then addressed the judges directly.

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore, before you decide to be happy,” she told them.

Which made Cowell give a deep, ponderous look.

“There are, however, there have been some great singers this year,” he then added with a slight smile. “And, I’m not going to give you a yes. I’m going to give you something else.”

And with that, Cowell hit the Golden Buzzer in dramatic fashion.

After the confetti fell and she received a hug from Cowell, host Terry Crews spoke to her backstage.

 “You blew us all away, Crews said. “You are the voice we all need to hear this year.”