Star Struck Photos!


Brian Mocilnikar from Willoughby, OH with Richard Kiel aka “The Kanamit” from the classicTwilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man”.

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Ever get the chance to meet a celebrity?  Shake his or her hand?  Get to ask that one thing you’ve been dying to know???

If so, hopefully you took advantage of the photo opp, because now we want to see the picture!

On Fox 8 News at 5 p.m., we’re sharing your ‘Star Struck’ moments.

Add a photo of you and a celebrity by clicking the ‘submit’ button below.

(Please note there will be a short delay before the image appears on the site.)

Be sure to include your name, city and a bit of information about your encounter with the star.

Then watch Fox 8 News at 5 p.m. to see if your photo is featured on TV!

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