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NEW YORK — Whoopi Goldberg and Jeanine Pirro got into a heated debate on ABC’s “The View” that became an “explosive argument” backstage, several reports say.

The exchange began when guest co-host Ana Navarro asked Pirro, a Fox News Channel host, if she believed Trump embodied conservative ideals.

“I’m not hear to talk about what Donald Trump is or isn’t,” Pirro replied. She was scheduled to talk about her new book “Liars, Leakers and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.”

“You gotta answer the question,” Goldberg insisted.

“You want to talk about Donald Trump, you tell me what metric in this country is worse off? Unemployment is lower than it’s been in 50 years. Minorities, Hispanics, African-Americans have jobs when they haven’t…, ” Pirro said before host Sunny Hostin said, “It’s because of President Obama.”

Navarro mentioned that hate crimes were up under President Trump.

Goldberg put her hands on her head during Pirro’s defense of President Trump.

“Wait a minute. The GDP under Obama was barely one,” Pirro said.  “We’re going up to four.”

“You want to talk about hate crimes,” Pirro said to Navarro. “I fought for a law for hate crimes.”

As host Meghan McCain mentioned that Trump would be re-elected if Democrats didn’t get their “you know what” together, Pirro accused Goldberg of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“Listen,” Goldberg responded. “I don’t have Trump derangement. Let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with ‘Mexicans are liars and rapists.’ I’m tired of people starting a conversation about this country…  Listen, I’m 62-years-old. There have been a lot of people in office that I didn’t agree with, but I have never ever seen anything like this. I’ve never seen anybody whip up such hate. I’ve never seen anybody be so dismissive. Clearly, you don’t watch this show so you don’t know that I don’t suffer from that.”

“What I suffer from,” Goldberg continued, “Is the inability to figure out how to fix this. That’s my issue, but one of the things that you talk about a lot, and I’m curious about it, is the ‘Deep State.’ How long has the ‘Deep State’ been there and who’s running it?”

“You know what’s horrible is when people who shouldn’t be here end up murdering the children of American citizens,” Pirro replied.

“You know what’s horrible is when the President of the United States whips up people to beat the hell out of people,” Goldberg yelled at Pirro. “Say goodbye. Bye. I’m done.”

At that point the show quickly went to commercial.

When the show returned from break, Goldberg apologized for “losing her cool.”

According to the New York Post, Pirro was outraged before the segment when she learned that Navarro was filling in for Joy Behar.

“When Jeanine arrived on set she was looking for a fight and refusing to be on with Ana,” an insider told the Post’s Page Six.

Navarro is a conservative who is strongly against Trump.

Sources said Goldberg and Pirro encountered each other backstage after the show and got into an “explosive argument” and Goldberg reportedly told Pirro to “Get the f–k out of this building.”

Page Six said producers and Goldberg have reached out to Pirro to have a conversation about what happened.