Nick Cannon Steps Down from Morning Radio Show Job


Mariah Carey’s own music accompanied her twin’s recent birth, she revealed Friday, May 13, 2011 on “Gayle King Show.” This is a file photograph of singer Mariah Carey and actor/producer Nick Cannon when the walked the red carpet at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards in 2010.

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After a health scare in January and a more recent health issue involving blood clots in his lungs, Nick Cannon is easing up on his hectic schedule.

The “America’s Got Talent” host (whose credits also include actor, DJ, radio personality and rapper) announced that he’s stepping down from his post as host of the “Rollin’ with Nick Cannon” show on New York’s 92.3 radio station. Friday is his last day.

“A bitter sweet morning. I have to stop my radio show. Doctors orders,” Cannon posted to his Twitter account Friday morning. “The Doctors found blood clots in my lungs and said if I don’t slow down and stop working so hard then it’s a wrap!”

Cannon said last month that he planned to slow down after he was hospitalized shortly after the New Year and treated for a “mild kidney failure.”

When he returned to work two weeks following his health scare, he explained “mild kidney failure” meant that his kidneys weren’t functioning properly, but that he was “back and feeling 100 percent.”

A father of nine-month-old twins with Mariah Carey, Cannon told his radio audience at the time, “I was always [taught] the harder you work, the more you can accomplish, but because of this situation, I know that I don’t need to go too hard.”

But it seems he didn’t back off the gas as much as he needed to. On Wednesday’s radio show, Cannon explained that he’d been in the hospital over the weekend of February 10.

“It was quite serious, I didn’t even know. I was actually trying to downplay it a lot, even in my own mind, and not go to the hospital because I was having a lot of pain in my back. I thought it was the typical kidney pain that I had been experiencing, but thought it was a little bit heightened,” he said. “But I actually learned through going to the hospital and [taking] tons of tests, that I actually had two blood clots in my lungs. And because of the blood clots in my lungs, I also had an enlarged ventricle in my heart. The right side of my heart was enlarged.”

As a result, Cannon says in a statement on 92.3’s website that “under doctor’s orders, I have been asked to put my health first and cut back on some of my professional commitments in order to allow my body to get the rest that it needs to keep up with my multi-tasking schedule.”

That means he’ll no longer be on the “Rollin'” morning show on 92.3, but he will still host his syndicated weekend show, “Cannon’s Countdown.”

“I guess I can’t drive at 200 mph for the whole road trip, Time to put the car in cruise control,” Cannon posted to his Twitter account Friday. “Even Super Man had to sleep!”

(By Breeanna Hare, CNN)

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