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Editor’s note: See gallery above for photos of the Twin’s Day Festival on Saturday

TWINSBURG, Ohio (WJW) — For identical twins Brittany and Briana Salyers, now 35, the curiosity surrounding them is not new. Sometimes people stare or want to take pictures. People want to know what it’s like to have a sister that looks just the same.  

And as twins married to a set of identical twin men, 38-year-olds Josh and Jeremy Salyers, each with 1-year-old sons (who although technically cousins, are genetically closer to brothers), the interest in their lives has only grown.  

This weekend, twins are coming from all over the world to take part in Twinsburg‘s annual Twins Days Festival, including the Salyers, who haven’t been in a few years due to the pandemic and pregnancy. It’s here where twins are the norm, where everyone understands what it’s like to be born with an extra special connection to a sibling.

“This is the first time we’re going as parents,” Brittany told FOX 8 earlier this week while traveling north from their home in Virginia. “It’s definitely different, so excited to show our little boys Twinsburg.”

This is the place the twin couples met, and then later got married. It’s a place they made friends and entered in look-alike competitions — even garnering a second place trophy for the women at one point. Going back this year, with the theme of “welcome to the jungle,” the Salyers are prepared with matching outfits they’ve been working on for months (as seen below).

The festival comes at a time when the planet may be at what scientists are calling “peak twin.”

In a 2021 study published in Human Reproduction, analysts found that twin birthrates have risen by nearly a third on average in looking at data from more than 100 countries since the 1980s. These days, about 1.6 million people are reportedly born a twin each year. Researchers attribute a lot of this to the fact people are having babies later in life when chances of multiples and IVF usage are more common.

But even if twins are more common, twin parents with quaternary twins, the term used for the 1-year-old cousins Jett and Jax, are not.

Along with their 218,000 followers on Instagram, the Salyers are preparing for more to learn about their lives in a new media project, which they’re “not supposed to say too much about” other than that it will involve family.

“We had a wonderful experience doing our double wedding and having it televised,” Briana said, referring to their 2018 wedding shown on TLC.

But one of the big reasons the family wants to let viewers in is so that other twins know their lifestyle is possible.

“Not everyone wants the life we have, but I think there are a lot who might, and who otherwise may not think it was possible without seeing others who got that dream,” Brittany says.

The women always wanted to marry twins, and now with that reality, they all live in the same home together, sharing everything (except for bedrooms) including parenting. The property is spacious enough to serve as a wedding and event space, which they run as a family.

While they say the need for alone time is rare, Brittany and Briana are also part-time attorneys at a local law firm, giving them time away from the house.

“I think it works out well, everyone in the house gets it,” Briana said.

“We’re all parents full-time, and work full-time, and somehow we make it work,” Brittany said.

 Find out more about the Twins Days Festival running through Sunday right here. Those who are non-twins are also welcome at the festival.