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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN / CNN) — A Tennessee man who looks a lot like Kenny Chesney got more than he bargained for at the country singer’s concert on Saturday.

Nathan Blankenship said he was kicked out the show featuring Chesney and Tim McGraw for creating a disturbance.

Apparently fans thought he was the singer while he was in the crowd and security escorted him out.

“Here or there somebody asked to take a picture to make their friends or family think they were with Kenny or whatever, that’s fine.  I don’t mind. I can’t help with the way I look,” Blankenship said.

“Next thing I know he grabs my ticket. He says, ‘Here, can I have your ticket?’ I said here, here’s my ticket and I just thought he was going to lead me back to my seat, which I would have been fine with, but he grabs me by the arm and starts pulling me up the walkway to go to the very top,” he explained.

“Is it because I wear the hat?  I see a million of these hats here.  I’ve worn baseball caps before and people still want to have pictures made but it’s never caused any problems.  I can’t believe they think I’m actually him.  Why would Mr. Chesney be in the crowd when Tim McGraw is singing?” Blankenship continued.

Blankenship paid $200 for his ticket, which will be refunded.  

The school teacher says he’s been to several Chesney concerts and has never signed autographs or tried to profit from his looks.

The VP of marketing from Chesney’s record label says no one in the singer’s camp knew Blankenship was being taken out until a local news report aired.