(WJW) — If you consider yourself a ‘Full House‘ superfan and have a stretch of several hours to spare, then consider applying for a job to binge-watch the 90s sitcom as part of its 35th-anniversary celebration.

Choice Mutual Insurance Agency is wanting to pay you $1,000 to watch 10 hours of your favorite Full House episodes in 24 hours and document it on social media as you watch, so your friends and family can join the fun.

You’ll also get a one-month HBO Max membership to watch the episodes.

On September 22, the show will celebrate the anniversary of the day it first aired in 1987 and ran for eight seasons. It’s also the show’s first anniversary since Bob’s Saget’s tragic death in January.

To apply, fill out the application found here by September 6 at 8 p.m. For extra points, include a link to a video explaining why you love Full House.

This dream job is led by Choice Mutual and is not affiliated with Warner Bros. or Full House.