Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Marriage, Gets Sexy in Pictures


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By Breeanna Hare, CNN

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin tend to keep their marriage away from the lenses of the paparazzi, but they don’t have much of a problem opening up about their relationship in interviews.

And in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Paltrow speaks on learning the art of compromise – even when compromising means letting her career take a back seat to that of her husband’s.

“I have little kids in school,” the actress says in the interview. “I want to maintain my marriage and my family, so I have to be here when [Chris] comes home.”

As she advised a friend in a relationship, “This may not be feminist, but you have to compromise….Gloria Steinem may string me up by my toes, but all I can do is my best, and I can only do what works for me and my family.”

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The live-and-let-live philosophy is one she’s acquired as she’s grown older.

With each passing birthday, “the more open-minded I get, the less judgmental I get,” she says. “Life is long. I have friends who I love and admire who have had an affair. When I was younger, I would have said he’s a terrible person and she’s a terrible person. But who made these laws?”

In her own relationship, she operates from a place of persistence.

“I think you do fall in and out of love, and you just keep going,” she says. “And every time you go through a really difficult phase, you rediscover something new and it gets better. We’ve been married more than eight years now, and we’re still into it.”

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