FOX 8 investigates after viewer sees ‘ghost’ in anchor’s bathroom renovation photos


CLEVELAND (WJW) — Monday, FOX 8’s own Joe Toohey revealed his “Secret Skill” as someone with a talent for home improvement.

Right after that segment aired, one viewer sent in a note explaining he saw something quite peculiar in the reflection of Toohey’s freshly remodeled shower.

“Hello! I was just watching the 6:00 news and you had the guy (Joe or Tom), who did his own bathroom remodeling at his home…” viewer Gary said in an email. “Well, I don’t know if I am crazy or not (highly likely am), but I see a ghost standing in the shower with the glass door while they talk about the new work he done! Just a heads up for him.”

In taking a closer look at the photo in question (as seen below), it is clear there’s a reflection in the glass.

Photo courtesy Joe Toohey

“I believe it’s me taking the photo of the bathroom reflected in the glass door there,” Toohey said Tuesday.

However, Toohey made clear he wasn’t sure exactly what Gary was referring to in the photo and admitted perhaps there was something else the viewer saw.

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