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(WJW) — Lists crafted by music critics are meant to be divisive. They’re made to cause us to click, read and react, convinced of our own music knowledge superiority. Rolling Stone’s list of “The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time,” which dropped on New Year’s Day, is no different.

Seems they’ve left off some fan favorites including Janet Jackson, Judy Garland, Jennifer Hudson and Nat King Cole. But the person whose snub has riled up much of the Twitter faithful is none other than “My Heart Will Go On” diva Celine Dion.

As the magazine explained of making tough choices: “this is the Greatest Singers list, not the Greatest Voices list. Talent is impressive; genius is transcendent.” They also claimed the artists who made the cut were chosen for their “originality, influence, the depth of an artist’s catalog, and the breadth of their musical legacy.”

To be fair, the list is incredibly inclusive, peppered with singers from all over the world. But to leave off the five time Grammy Award-winning French Canadian singer is not sitting well with some.

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“Respectfully, not including Celine Dion, arguably the best vocal technician of all time, in this list is borderline treasonous,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Dion, who recently went public with her stiff-person syndrome diagnosis after canceling a leg of her tour, has one fan in the one and only Adele, who came in at No. 22 on the list. Last year, Adele even revealed to Vogue one of her most prized possessions is a framed piece of gum chewed by her idol.

Take a look at the Top 20 singers, according to Rolling Stone, below:

Marvin Gaye

Frank Sinatra

Celia Cruz

Elvis Presley


Bob Dylan

Freddie Mercury

Patsy Cline

John Lennon

Little Richard

Al Green

Otis Redding


Stevie Wonder

Ray Charles

Mariah Carey

Billie Holiday

Sam Cooke

Whitney Houston

Aretha Franklin

Read the full list, if you must, right here.