Brooke Burke-Charvet: I’m Battling Thyroid Cancer

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(CNN) — Brooke Burke-Charvet revealed she’s battling thyroid cancer via The ModernMom’s YouTube channel on Thursday.

The “Dancing with the Stars” host had remained mum after writing in July that she had a nodule on her thyroid biopsied. In the YouTube video, she said she needed time to wrap her head around the news, but that she wanted people to find out directly from her.

She’ll soon undergo thyroid surgery and a thyroidectomy that will leave a scar across her neck.

“I don’t get to just walk around and pretend like nothing happened, or not follow up or not share it because it’s going to be pretty much dead center,” she said pointing to her neck.

“I didn’t want anybody to read about it and get the wrong idea or think that I’m sick because I’m not,” she continued. “I feel really good. And I’ve actually, I’ve never felt better. That’s what’s so crazy about this whole thing. … I went for a regular physical and that’s how I discovered this.”

The mom of four added that she’s staying positive.

“I’m going to be a really good patient and I’m going to do everything that I need to do,” she said. “I’m ready to deal with it and I’m going to be fine. And I feel really, really strong.”

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