‘Brady kids’ looking for iconic items to furnish sitcom home

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California — It’s your chance to be a part of “The Brady Bunch.”

HGTV and the “Brady Kids” are looking for many of the iconic items from the 1970’s sitcom as they restore the North Hollywood home used for exterior shots on the show.

Interior scenes were shot on a sound stage, but the house is being transformed as part of a new show called “A Very Brady Renovation” that will premiere in September.

The six actors who played the Brady children are working with HGTV stars to renovate the interior of the house to look just like it did for the sitcom.

In videos posted to social media, Barry Williams (“Greg”), Maureen McCormick (“Marcia”), Christopher Knight (“Peter”), Eve Plumb (“Jan”), Mike Lookinland (“Bobby”), and Susan Olsen (“Cindy”) asked fans and viewers to look for iconic items from the show.

Among the items they’re looking for: the living room couch and credenza, Greg’s attic radio, the front door handles, horse statue, fish trivets, and stuffed animal giraffe.

If you have any of the items, you can post to social media using the hashtag #verybradyreno or by sending an email to BradyBunchCrowdsourcing@gmail.com.