LAKEWOOD, Colo. (WJW) — A photo shared by police in Lakewood, Colorado, is taking the internet by storm thanks to its pure sense of irony.

As seen below, the photo on the department’s Twitter page shows the aftermath of when an employee crashed an SUV into the front of Community Driving School under a big sign saying “learn to drive.”

Photo courtesy Lakewood Colorado police/Twitter

“Thankfully there was only one minor injury,” police reported Tuesday. “Several people were able to dive out of harms way.”

Police in the Denver suburb said they cited the employee, who CBS News learned was trying to park their personal vehicle and instead rammed into the school’s glass and brick front wall. No student was reported in the vehicle with them.

Of course, social media has had a field day, with one Twitter user commenting “Kind of a ‘do what I say not do what I do’ kinda instructor, huh?” and another saying, “Just popping into the office.”