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BEDFORD, Ohio (WJW) – Bedford police are investigating after they say an employee shot a customer at a car dealership Friday afternoon.

Officers were called to the Hyundai dealership on Rockside Road just after 1:30 p.m. for the report of a shooting.

When they got there, investigators learned there was an irate customer who got into an argument with a service department employee at the dealership. According to 911 calls, employees describe the customer as someone who always causes trouble.

Bedford police say the two got into a scuffle and the salesperson says he saw the customer reach into his waistband. That’s when the employee says he pulled out his gun and shot the man in the upper leg.

“The customer was shot, he was laying on the ground when we arrived and an officer applied a tourniquet and applied another tourniquet. He was bleeding quite a bit,” said Bedford police detective Ben Lang.

The customer was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center. His condition is unknown, but his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. 

“It actually happened outside… In front of the dealership, in front of the service area, near the customer’s car and the service worker was walking to another vehicle and at that point in time, the customer approached the worker and that’s where there was an exchange,” said Det. Lang.

Bedford police say they do not believe the customer was armed. They did not find another weapon at the scene.

Detectives are investigating whether the employee accused of firing the shots had a valid reason to pull the trigger.

“You have to prove the elements of self-defense, so we try to look at that and make the best determination that we can and there is video available and that’s helpful to us,” said Det. Lang.

The employee was brought to the Bedford police station and will be transferred to the Solon City Jail until a bond hearing.

The prosecutor will determine what, if any, charges could be filed.

Officials at the Hyundai dealership tell FOX 8 their thoughts are with the customer who was shot, but beyond that, they had no further comment.