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CLEVELAND– 19-year-old Shawn Dotson tells Fox 8 that he’s still numb to the idea that his son, 3-year-old Emilliano Terry, is dead.

The little boy’s body was found at a landfill in Oakwood Village on Monday.

Dotson says he heard the news from friends, but he didn’t believe it. He says, “I got a call from a detective. From then on, I knew it was serious. I kinda broke down. I didn’t really have much time with him. I wish I did.”

Dotson says he met Emilliano’s mother, Camilia Terry, as a freshman at Cleveland Heights High School. He says they began dating and one thing led to another. Dotson says, “Yeah, um we had a kid. Things were fine for a minute. She didn’t act the same.  Then I was booted from the picture.”

Dotson goes on to say, “The last thing I heard is that they were moving to North Carolina. That was over a year ago. I didn’t even know he was in Cleveland.”

For the past two years, Dotson has moved on with his life. He has a 2-year-old boy and another child on the way. Dotson says he’s tried to stay in touch with Camilia, but he says she’s blown him off.

Mutual friends have told Shawn that Camilia neglected Emilliano. That thought has broken a grandmother’s heart. Porsha Dotson tried to get custody of the little boy before Camilia moved away.  She says, “A baby is innocent. They need you. I gave her an opportunity two years ago. I would have made sure he was doing well.” 

Porsha Dotson goes on to say, “I missed spending the night, diapers, wipin’ his runny nose. I miss all that. I’ve got the duty of burying him.  I’m just so lost, I don’t know what else to do but be a grandmother.”

20-year-old Camilia Terry remains in police custody, awaiting charges.

Meanwhile, a vigil is planned for Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at Kossuth Park to remember Emilliano. That’s at East 121st St. and Shaker Blvd.

A memorial Facebook page has been set up where mourners can leave their condolences.

*Click here to visit R.I.P. Emilliano Terry

Relatives of Emilliano’s 5-year-old brother also talked to Fox 8 Tuesday. Watch Kevin Freeman’s report below.

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