CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) – A major construction project to repair the sewer system under Cedar Hill will change the traffic pattern for motorists for roughly the next two months.

“We have to replace 775 feet of pipe as well as line 900 other feet,” Cleveland Heights Sewer Services Director Anthony Ferrone said.

The sewer system is at risk of collapsing, Ferrone said.

Cleveland Heights first noticed the issue during inspections last year. 

“We don’t want to inconvenience anybody,” he said. “It’s just come to a point where the structural defects are too much, and we have to jump on this immediately.”

Traffic along Cedar Glen Parkway, known best as Cedar Hill, will be reduced from three lanes in both directions to one lane in each direction as crews work for the next seven weeks. The project is expected to cost roughly $1 million.

Preliminary work is already underway, and the traffic pattern has been adopted. Motorists are encouraged to find an alternative route if possible..

“We have Fairhill, North Park, we have Superior, you have Mayfield, so there are other ways into Cleveland Heights and out into Cleveland,” Ferrone said.

Cedar Road has numerous businesses and restaurants that are stationed close to the construction and traffic change.

Still Point Gallery Owner Kate Baker is concerned that the project may limit foot traffic to the area, especially if the road is backed up.

“Fourth quarter for any retail business is your biggest money-making time of the year,” Baker said. “And to have them do this during the fourth quarter when people are starting to buy for holidays, I think is going to be very hurtful.”

She’s hopeful shoppers will still venture to the area in support of small businesses.

Ferrone suggests drivers give themselves plenty of time to navigate this change if they intend to drive through Cedar Hill to avoid being late. The project may take longer depending on inclement weather, but Ferrone expects little setbacks.