(WJW) – LeBron James is just like any other parent on the sidelines cheering on and embarrassing his kids.

Okay. Well. Maybe not just like any other parent. But, if you take away the superstar, pro-athlete, billionaire status, he’s just a regular ol’ dad.

A series of recent videos posted to @KingJames Instagram page shows the “Just a kid from Akron” cheering on his 8-year-old daughter, Zhuri Nova, during a volleyball match.

LeBron can be heard yelling things like, “Do your thang Munchin. Do your thang.”

In the third video, LeBron yells out “Let’s go Munchin!” And his daughter offers a slow side-eye glance appearing slightly embarrassed. The video garnered thousands of comments.

One viewer said, “I love the look she gave you, I do the same thing to my daughters.”

Another one said, “That last slide and side eye 🤣😍🤣😍 sooooo cute!!! LoL she’s like not my nickname daddy!”

Surely, many others can also relate. Ohhh, Dad!

You can find the videos, here.