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AKRON, Ohio — The horns on the trucks starting honking and children began appearing on the streets of Akron’s North Hill neighborhood on Sunday morning. And soon, they were going home with something many of them couldn’t have imagined just an hour earlier: a new bicycle.

Welcome to “Christmas in July” as done by the organization known as “Elves and More.” For over a decade, the group has brought magic to children around Christmas time by first assembling, and then a week later, distributing free bikes to kids in need.

“This is really kind of a trial run,” said Tim House, a co-founder, saying if the July event proves to be successful they’ll be doing it again next year.

“We just want to make kids happy,” echoed Brian Miner, another co-founder.

They do that every time they show up in a neighborhood.

“This is such a blessing,” said Regina Martin, who lives in the area.

A total of 500 bikes were to be given away on Sunday.