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ROCKVILLE CITY, Maryland (WJW) – Police detectives from Rockville City and Montgomery County, Md., responded to an elementary school Monday after three students got sick.

According to the detectives’ investigation, a group of students discovered a container of blue items that they believed to be candy.

Three seven-year-old students ate the items and later experienced dizziness, prompting them to seek medical attention from the school nurse, who then called EMS. The students were taken to nearby hospitals for precautionary measures.

Based on the toxicology of some of the victims, investigators believe that the items may have contained a methamphetamine-related drug, such as Adderall, MDMA (ecstasy), or Molly.

Chief Marcus Jones expressed his relief that the students will recover but noted that the incident was alarming. He hopes that it will prompt parents to have conversations with their children about the dangers of consuming unknown substances.

All the students have been released from the hospital and are now with their parents. The investigation is ongoing.