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LORAIN, Ohio — An elderly widow is suing a Lorain spiritual adviser, alleging the psychic robbed her of her life’s savings.

According to the lawsuit, Joann Niskey, 75, was approached in a Lorain store by fortune-teller Rose Mitchell, who told the widow she appeared to be depressed.

Niskey’s attorney, Brian Darling, told Fox 8, “the spiritual adviser advised my client that in her opinion, she had the Kennedy curse, after finding out that Joann had lost not one, but two husbands.”

According to the lawsuit, Rose Mitchell told Joann Niskey that her money needed to be “spiritually cleansed,” and that over a period of time, Niskey gave her more than $86,000. But when she asked for the cash back, the psychic refused.

The lawsuit accuses Rose Mitchell of fraud by misrepresentation and breach of contract for not returning the money.

“She’s also committed violations of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, by knowingly, in our opinion, going into these discussions with Ms. Niskey, knowing that this spiritual cleansing exercise of this money was going to do anything for anything for anybody, let alone Ms. Niskey,” said Darling.

We attempted to reach Rose Mitchell, but when we went to her home, the person who answered the door said Mitchell would have no comment.

So far, Lorain police and prosecutors have not taken any action in the case, but Joann Niskey’s attorney is urging them to do so.