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Eight people are behind bars, charged with stealing almost $2 million in merchandise from high-end stores in several states, including Ohio. Beachwood police believe they may be the same people responsible for a daring smash and grab at Beachwood Place last year.

September 2015, dramatic surveillance footage captured video of a stolen jeep smashing through the front doors of the Saks Fifth Avenue Store at Beachwood Place in the middle of the night.

The video shows eight, out of a total of twelve people who were involved, run into the store. Within a minute, they got away with about $300,000 worth of designer purses.

Days later, two people were arrested in Chicago. But police say this multi-state theft ring was not done. Investigators believe the group is responsible for similar heists in Indiana, Michigan and Missouri in addition to Ohio.

Illinois State Police have arrested eight residents of Chicago.

Charged with Theft, a Class 2 Felony:

• Terrence J. Bell, Male, age 25 of Chicago.
• Darius O. Bowdry, Male, age 21 of Chicago.
• Julian C. Campbell, Male, age 22 of Chicago.
• Derrick Crowder, Male, age 24 of Chicago.
• Jacob A. Lee, Male, age 27 of Chicago.
• Keyshyla S. Thomas, Female, age 22 of Chicago.
• Mario Washington, Male, age 24, of Chicago.
• Dejaun D. Winguard, Male, age 21, of Chicago.

Investigators say Saturday morning, multiple people, including the eight, were involved in a theft at a Saks Fifth Avenue department store in St. Louis.

They got away in two different vehicles. But a police officer 20 miles away in Maryville, Illinois spotted one of the vehicles, which led police on a chase.

After a 40 minute pursuit, the vehicle lost control. Police say eight people ran, but were all arrested.

Beachwood police say they are in contact with investigators in Illinois and Missouri to see whether the same people who are custody are connected to the smash and grab in Beachwood.

Illinois State police say the theft ring could be responsible for $1.9 million worth of stolen goods and damages.

The other suspects who committed the theft at the St. Louis Saks store remain at large.