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(NEXSTAR) — Whatever you do, don’t get waffle wasted. Kellogg has teamed with Gatlinburg’s Sugarlands Distilling Company to create the Eggo Brunch in a Jar Waffles & Syrup Sippin’ Cream — a 20% alcohol-by-volume beverage aimed to spice up breakfast.

Sugarlands says the adults-only treat combines the taste of Eggo waffles in maple syrup along with Sugarlands’ Appalachian Sippin’ Cream and comes in a packaged mason jar, according to the company.

Among the recipes recommended for creation are the Eggospresso Martini, the Eggo Mocha Macchiato and an alcoholic Bananas Foster.

Eggo joins other brands like Arby’s, Dunkin and Taco Bell, which have all released alcohol collaborations, though Eggo cocktails are unlikely to resemble Arby’s french fry-flavored vodka.