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HILLVIEW, Ky. — A Kentucky homeowner was arrested for shooting down a drone buzzing over his backyard, saying he was protecting his property and privacy.

WAVE 3 reports it happened Sunday at the home of William Merideth. Merideth says the drone was flying over the neighborhood and stopped to hover over his fenced-in backyard where his two daughters were sitting outside.

“I wanted to see if it was going to stay there, and it did, and I reacted,” he told WAVE.

Merideth got his 12-gauge shotgun and shot down the drone. Merideth said he was then approached by four men asking if he was the one who downed the drone.

When he told them he had, they called police. Merideth was arrested on charges of wanton endangerment and criminal mischief.

“We live in a society now where we don’t know what these people are doing,” Merideth told WAVE 3. “We don’t know if they are pedophiles looking for kids. We don’t know if they are thieves. We don’t know if it is ISIS.”

Merideth said he hired an attorney and plans to fight the charges.

Meanwhile, David Boggs, the owner of the drone, claims the drone was only flying by Merideth’s home at more than 250 feet high.

Boggs also claims that the drone was shot down while it was flying over a field.

He told WAVE 3 that Merideth is a “drone slayer.”

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