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CLEVELAND — There is some relief for people whose cars were damaged by contaminated gas delivered to a half dozen Northeast Ohio gas stations.

The company responsible for the mix-up says it will reimburse all drivers who incurred expenses from getting the bad fuel.

Barbara Reynolds of Medina says she filled up her Nissan with what she thought was gasoline at the Sunoco station on Pearl Road in Medina Township Monday morning.  She made it home and then went back out to run an errand.

“I got about halfway up the street and it just died … just died.  I tried starting and it would start, but you couldn’t put it in gear,” Reynolds said.

Not sure what was wrong, she had the vehicle towed to the dealership where she purchased it.

“He called me about three hours later and said you put diesel fuel in my car, in your car. I said, ‘no, I did not.’  He said well, it’s full of diesel,” Reynolds said.

Barbara Reynolds says she thought something was really strange when she went back to the service station and was told they don’t even sell diesel fuel.

A spokesman for Bulk Terminal Storage says the mix-up happened when an operator put diesel fuel into a gasoline storage tank at a facility in Aurora.

He says the diesel/gas mixture was then delivered to six gas stations in Northeast Ohio.

In addition to the Sunoco on Pearl Road in Medina, other stations affected include the Sunoco on Broadview Road in Parma, the Clark Gas Mart on Lee Road in Cleveland, the Getgo on Route 18 in Fairlawn, the Getgo on Lincolnway East in Massillon, and the Sheetz station in North Ridgeville.

All of the stations have since corrected the problem or are in the process of doing so.

“The insurance took care of it, the only thing I had to pay was my deductible, which was very good news to me,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds’ repair bill totaled about $1,200.  Bulk Terminal Storage says it will reimburse expenses of all affected car owners.  Barbara says for awhile, she will be a little nervous whenever she fills up her tank.

“It was a little scary this afternoon when I had to put gas in for the first time,” she said.

Anyone who believes their car was damaged by the bad fuel should contact the gas station where it was purchased.