MANCHESTER, Connecticut (WJW) – A driver and passenger are lucky to be alive after crashing into a steel guardrail that impaled their car in Connecticut on Monday.

According to Manchester Fire Rescue EMS, the crash on Interstate 384 caused the guardrail to separate and impale the vehicle.

Video captured by Manchester first responders shows the guardrail piercing through the front passenger side, between the front seats and exiting through the back, extending another 20 feet beyond it.

They were taken to a local hospital with just minor injuries. The crash remains under investigation at this time.

It’s very reminiscent of one that happened in Northeast Ohio two days earlier.

That accident happened on Christmas Eve as a Stark County man and his best friend were headed to a family celebration in Alliance. As they traveled along Anderson Road just outside Minerva, the driver’s Dodge Charger suddenly slid off of the ice and snow-covered road and struck the guardrail, which went completely through the car and out the back window.

The two men called their close call a Christmas miracle.