CLEVELAND (WJW) — Kimberly Lopez says 9 o’clock on a Friday night on Worthington Avenue is almost always peaceful. 

“I was talking to my neighbor literally yesterday and we were saying how this neighborhood is usually really quiet,” said Lopez.

But not on this Friday night. 

“We came out here and we were just shocked,” shared Lopez. 

The Lopez family says they were getting ready for a food sale in their family room, when all of a sudden, they heard a loud “bang.”

What they saw next is something they still can’t believe.

“When we walked out, we just saw the car right there. We thought it was going to catch on fire, thank God it didn’t,”  explained Lopez. 

 Lopez says police told her family whoever crashed into their home did so in a stolen car.

The driver took out an electric pole, speed limit sign, a front porch and two family gardens. 

However, Lopez believes it could have been worse.

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“We were scared, if it wasn’t for the brick … the car would have been inside the house. Thankfully, it didn’t happen,” said Lopez. 

Their nextdoor neighbor, Karen Lowe, can’t believe her own luck either. 

“We were very blessed. All of us were,” shared Lowe. 

Lowe’s house was the first to be hit by the stolen car. Her front porch is partially gone, her new garden destroyed but her attitude remains positive. 

“We were lucky that’s all that happened to us. I’m so glad that they are OK and I’m glad we fell out of this OK. This could have been really horrendous,” said Lowe. 

FOX 8 did reach out to Cleveland police for confirmation of this incident and for any information on possible suspects.