PENINSULA, Ohio (WJW) — A driver tells the Fox 8 I-Team he is frustrated that it will cost him $100 to fight a hand-held photo enforcement ticket issued to him by officials in the Village of Peninsula.

Harry Donehoo paid the fee Wednesday in Stow Municipal Court because he wants the chance to tell the judge his side. He doesn’t believe he was speeding.

“I got this ticket in May, and there is no way I was going the speed they say I was going,” Donehoo said. “You can’t argue with a camera. I want a chance to tell my side and I don’t think I should have to pay just to defend myself. They sent me the ticket.”

The I-Team found that several other local municipal courts do not make drivers pay the $100 fee to file a ticket.  Stow Municipal Court Judge Kim Hoover did not return our calls to discuss the matter.

If he wins, he will get the $100 back. If he loses, he is out the $100 and will have to pay $150, which is the cost of the ticket.

“It’s not fair,” Donehoo said.  “It’s hard on people. They are making it hard, they are making it so you just pay it and be done with it. I am going to go through what they want me to do  I am going to fight them.”

Donehoo is hoping to get his court date soon.