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KENT – Two city police officers helped rescue a man, whose car burst into flames after a crash early Christmas morning.

According to reports, Kyle Wagner. 24, of Tallmadge, lost control of his car around 2:36 am Dec 25 and struck a utility pole on Stow Street. Moments after the crash, his car burst into flames.

Wagner was able to get himself out of the car, but he too was engulfed in flames.

The officers, Matt Brooks and Matt Butcher, were able to extinguish the flames off the driver, and move him to safety. He was transported to the hospital.

The officers said they were just doing their jobs and don’t feel they are heroes. Lt. Michael Lewis says the officers are heroes.

“They saved this man’s life,” said Lt. Lewis. “They say they were just doing their job but I believe they are heroes. ”