Dr. Amy Acton featured in Glamour magazine


Editor’s Note: Watch the video above for a look at Dr. Amy Acton at a previous press conference.

(WJW) – Glamour bills itself as an online magazine with a look at what matters to women. 

Among the stories about celebrity news and beauty tips, there’s a profile on Dr. Amy Acton, the woman in charge of the Ohio Department of Health, and the person who has helped Ohio Governor Mike DeWine lead the state response to coronavirus. 

The article outlines the timeline of not only Ohio’s response to coronavirus but what led Dr. Acton to sound the alarm so quickly. 

Dr. Acton had a call in January with the CDC about a new virus in China.

According to the article, Dr. Acton heard the worry in the voice of an experienced epidemiologist and began mobilizing her team. 

Later at a meeting at the White House, Dr. Acton says she had that same gut check.

“I could just feel it in them,” she says, of the experts who addressed the group. “I could see their worry, and I just knew. I just knew in my gut. They know more than I know. Something’s up here.” 

The article praises both Dr. Acton and Gov. DeWine for flattening the curve, nodding to an opinion piece in the New York Times calling her, “The Leader We Wish We All Had,” and shout-outs to Acton as “The real MVP” during these unprecedented times.

“We all want—myself included—to just go back to what we knew,” Acton said in the interview. “But that’s wishful thinking.” 

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