***Video above: Cinnamon likely source of lead in fruit pouch recall, FDA says***

(WJW) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning residents as dozens of people have become sick from a salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupes and other pre-cut fruit.

As of Friday, there have been 43 known illnesses tied to the outbreak across 15 states. One of those cases was reported in Ohio.

Of those cases, 17 people were taken to the hospital. There have been no deaths linked to the outbreak.

Most of the illnesses were reported between Oct. 17 and Nov. 6, but the CDC says it can take three to four weeks to determine if someone is part of an outbreak.

According to the CDC, most people recover without getting medical attention, so the number of illnesses could be significantly higher.

Some brands from ALDI and Vinyard Fruit and Vegetable Company have been recalled due to the salmonella risk.

Anyone who purchased recalled cantaloupes or other pre-cut fruit should throw it away or return it. Make sure to also wash down surfaces that the recalled foods touched.

The outbreak remains under investigation by the CDC.

Salmonella symptoms include diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps. Symptoms normally start six hours to six days after eating infected food.

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