CLEVELAND (WJW) — There’s a new champion in town! And there might be another on the way.

Oberlin College professor of economics, Ron Cheung, of Lakewood, won Jeopardy! Wednesday night, finishing with $19,599.

Cheung said when he found out he was chosen for the show, he was in disbelief.

“To stand at the famous lecterns and to hold the same buzzer that previous champs had held was a thrilling moment,” he said.

He described one of the tensest times of Wednesday’s competition.

“As for the most nerve-wracking moment, it was definitely the $9,000 bet I made in the second Daily Double that I found. I have never in my life made a bet that big,” he said.

The answer was: “‘Insurgent’ is Book 2 in this dystopian series.” He guessed correctly: What is ‘Divergent’?

Thursday night, there will somewhat of a Double Jeopardy!

Oberlin College posted on its Facebook page that 2015 graduate A.Z. Madonna, a music critic for the Boston Globe, will also compete on Thursday.

Ohio seems to produce many Jeopardy! contestants. Most recently, 40-game winner, Amy Schneider, a Dayton native, won a hard-fought tournament of champions. Her win streak is the second-longest in the game show’s history.