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CLEVELAND– They call themselves doomsday preppers, but members of a Cleveland family were not prepared when burglars broke into their home early Tuesday morning.

Teena Brayen and her husband are part of a militia group known at the Three Percenters. They  consider it their duty to oppose any effort by the government to intrude on their personal liberties. They are also prepared for Armageddon.

“Should we be invaded by another country and not able to go get food or should something happen to where our food supply chain or our community would come into any type of harm’s way, we have a way to supply for ourselves and the community around us,” Teena Brayen said.

(Courtesy: Teena Brayen)
(Courtesy: Teena Brayen)

The family, who recently moved from New York to Cleveland, said burglars broke into their home off of St. Clair Avenue early Monday morning while they were asleep. The thieves cleaned out two of their gun cases. They also got away with a bag of machetes, ammunition and food rations.

“These guys are prepared for war now, they have seven guns, seven,” Brayen said.

The Brayens said they believe when they moved on Oct. 28, the thieves saw them carrying the weapons inside.

The burglars also took body armor. Now, the Brayens are worried that as a result of their doomsday preparations, others are in danger.

“Our military personnel, especially, and our police officers because they wear bullet proof vests. We have a gun out there that can pierce them and go through cars. All you have got to do is aim it. They took all of our ammo. With the ammunition that they’ve got, they’re good for a good year with that ammunition.”