Don’t whine if your wine goes bad, save it with a penny

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CLEVELAND – It’s a horribly disappointing scenario: you’re all ready to relax at the end of a long day. You settle in on the couch and reach for a nice glass of wine. And then you realize: the wine is “skunky”.

If you’ve ever had a wine “go bad,” you’ll recognize the distinctive smell it gives off: something like rotten eggs, or sulphur.

There is a scientific reason wine gets this way, thanks to a chemical process in the actual making of the wine. the process produces thiols, or stinky sulfur molecules.

What can you do?

Drop a penny in the glass.

The American Chemical Society has released a video explaining how wine goes bad and offering this easy fix. Get an older penny (pre-1982 so it has copper in it), wash it, drop it in the wine, give it a stir and presto! No more stinky wine.

The video also says this will work with a real silver spoon.


***watch the video in the video box, above***



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