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(WJW) — It’s easy to not pick up a ringing phone if the caller ID says it’s an unknown number, but when numbers are real, curiosity sometimes gets the better of us.

With scams on the rise across the country, BeenVerified has released a list of suspicious numbers they say you should ignore, whether by call or text.

BeenVerified, a software company that helps users track public information, looked at over 150,000 fishy numbers reported over the last two years to put the list together.

The group says the most common scam topics continue to be bank account mix-ups, undelivered packages and sweepstakes. Take a look at the list of numbers to avoid, and block if at all possible, below:

  • Wells Fargo account locked — (865) 630-4266 
  • Failed package delivery, so you have to call this number or else — (469) 709-7630 
  • Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes — (805) 637-7243
  • Warning saying your bank account is on temporary hold — (858) 605-9622 
  • Debit card is frozen, but no bank is mentioned — (863) 532-7969 
  • AT&T raffle, just respond to claim your prize — (904) 495-2559 
  • Either a weight loss product or a package tracking scam — (312) 339-1227 
  • A marketing trick from the “Scream VI” promotions team (not a real scam) — (917) 540-7996 
  • Either a free Dyson vacuum is offered or a made-up tax issue (347) 437-1689 
  • USPS delivery scam — (301) 307-4601 –
  • Another frozen debit card scam — (878) 877-1402 
  • Student loan forgiveness deadline that’s not real — (202) 221-7923 

BeenVerified reminds people to slow down before responding to phone calls and texts and reach out to the company supposedly trying to reach you directly.