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(WJW) – Have you gotten any strange texts from your own number lately?

It’s been happening to some Verizon customers.

People have reported receiving texts from their own phone number that includes a link to receive a gift.

Verizon says it is working with law enforcement to stop the phony texts.

“As part of a recent fraud scheme, bad actors have been sending text messages to some Verizon customers which appear to come from the customers’ own number. Our company has significantly curtailed this current activity, but virtually all wireless providers have faced similar fraudulent activity in recent months. We are actively working with others in our industry and with U.S. Law Enforcement as part of an investigation aimed at identifying and stopping these fraudsters and their illegal actions, and we will continue this work on behalf of our customers. We have no indication of any Russian involvement,” Verizon said in a statement.

Spam texts are often forms of phishing, where if a person clicks on a fake link that looks real, it could give hackers access to private information.