CLEVELAND (WJW)- It was a Sunday full of slow moving traffic, power outages and parking bans. People had another busy day shoveling.

Almost everyone in Northeast Ohio got slammed with snow Sunday. The west side of Cleveland, east side of Cleveland and downtown.

“I didn’t think it was going to snow this hard, but here we are,” said Cleveland resident Theodore Arsenault.

“If you can stay home then stay home,” added Clevelander Najee Muhammad.

The Cleveland National Weather Service says most of our counties saw snow rates of up to 1 inch per hour throughout the day Sunday.

Roads were treacherous. The Ohio Department of Transportation had more than 1,000 plows out on the highways. In Cleveland, crews plowed and salted all main and secondary streets and say they’ll be working throughout the night and into Monday to iclear the side streets.

There were people out and about downtown bracing the cold. Many told us when you live and work downtown Cleveland you get used to all types of weather.

“Honestly, it’s not terrible today because it’s not insanely windy,” said Cleveland resident Mike Najmowicz.

“Some days it’s good, some days it’s bad, some days it’s worse,” added Muhammed.

Whether you find it fun, beautiful or frustrating, the snow is here. But remember it’s only for a few more months. People tell us they just find things inside to do.

“We just have get-togethers,” said Najmowicz. “Today, we’re going to watch football in my apartment and cook up some food. We’re making nachos and making chicken cheddar bacon ranch dip which is going to be awesome.”

And don’t forget if you are bundled up you can have fun in it. Just like the adorable cheerleaders from Cheer Athletic.

“I normally like to go sledding and I made this giant snowman in my front yard with my dad,” said Brooke Giunta.

But sometimes even the littlest ones are anxious for it to end.

“If it goes on and on and on, that’s when I think ‘where’s the sun?,” said Lexi Klimow. “I’m done with the snow.”

Unfortunately for Lexi this will be a scenario where the snow goes on and on. FOX 8 meteorologists are predicting more snow Monday.