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RUSSELL TWP., Ohio – Pulled from the floodwaters of Louisiana, dozens of dogs and puppies rescued near Baton Rouge are in need of new homes in Northeast Ohio.

The Atlanta Humane Society delivered 27 dogs and puppies to Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village Tuesday afternoon, finishing a one thousand mile journey from the flood zone.

The animals are some of the thousands estimated to have been rescued during the historic flooding that could not be reunited with owners, according to Rescue Village Executive Director Hope Brustein. She said the dogs did not have microchips or tags, and Rescue Village would not accept them if there was any hope of reconnecting them with their owners.

“The first option is to reunite animals with their owners,” Brustein said.

The animals were initially rescued by Arcadiana Animal Aid in Lafayette, Louisiana, and then transported to Atlanta Humane, which partners with Rescue Village.

“We are part of what I like to call the railroad rescue of animals moving to different parts of the country where they can be assured the kind of care they need, a second chance and good homes,” Brustein said.

She said Rescue Village has the space, staff and programming to handle the additional animals. The dogs will have time to adjust to their new surroundings, then will undergo a medical exam and treatments, as well as a behavioral assessment. They will be available for adoption as early as this weekend.

“Every one of these animals that’s adoptable, they’re going to need really good homes. And the people who adopt them will always know they not only changed their own lives or these animals’ lives, but they’ve helped the people of Louisiana,” Brustein said.

Information about adoptions and pictures of the animals will be posted at For those who would like to help but are unable to adopt, Brustein said Rescue Village operates solely on donations.