FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio (WJW) – “Indiana Jones” the dog has a nose for adventure, only the puppy’s curiosity got the best of him earlier this week.

The one-year-old German Shephard darted away from his owners during a trip to the Rocky River Reservation part of the Cleveland Metroparks. The dog’s owners said he spotted a deer and took off and ended up stranded in the middle of the raging Rocky River

Indiana Jones was located with help from Cleveland Metroparks Police who quickly launched a rescue. A Cleveland Metroparks water rescue team, along with members of the Berea Fire Department and Southwest Emergency Response Team braved the swiftly moving river to rescue the dog stranded for about an hour.

“The river was moving really fast he was in the middle of the river and a big rock it was challenging to get to him,” said Cleveland Metroparks Police Officer Trevor Poole.

Slavko Pavlovic, watched in terror, heartbroken he said his dog might be swept away. Poole said once the team got to the rock the dog was happy and his stress level went down. 

Pavlovic returned with Indiana Jones Thursday with donuts and dog treats in hand to thank the department for its daring rescue.

“We’re not looking for thank you, but it is so gratifying personally and professionally to see a successful outcome because a lot of times we deal with tragedy…and to have something on a happy ending, it just really fires you back up,” said Metroparks Police Chief Kelly Stillman.

Pavlovic said his dog got the all-clear from the vet and remains healthy and full of energy. 

“Oh, extreme happiness and very grateful for the effort these gentlemen and ladies put out to rescue my dog,” said Pavlovic. 

He advised other dog owners to keep a close watch on their pets and always keep them on a leash.