CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) – A Cleveland Heights man and his dog Lucy were out on their usual Thursday morning stroll that quickly descended into a nightmare.

“I thought to myself it’s a good thing dogs don’t jump out of cars because this one looks like it wants to kill us and just as I thought that it jumped out of the car and barreled across the street and came after us.”

The attack happened at the corner of Coventry and North Park. The man attacked requested not to be identified.

“I knew within seconds there was no getting away from it,” he said. “I thought that there was a good chance that she would die. Then I thought I was probably going to end up in the hospital too.”

Bruised and bloodied, the man says they were attacked by a pit bull that jumped out of an open SUV window.

“It ran across that lane ran across a pretty wide median and then two more lanes of traffic to get to us,” he said.

One day later Lucy was back to catching frisbees in her backyard, but her owner said he was still banged up.

“I can see marks on both of my arms my knuckles are bloodied,” he said. “My knees are bloodied; you know there were a lot of bites.”

The ordeal lasted less than two minutes before the owner of the pit bull pulled the dog away.

“When he picked up his dog and he walked across the street he didn’t seem like he was in a big hurry and he put it in the car and I was yelling at him to come over so we could exchange info and he never even turned around to look at me and he just moved on,” said the man.

Thanks to witnesses who took a picture of the license plate Cleveland Heights police were able to find the man.

“They told me that he’d be charged with a misdemeanor,” he said.

A police report was filed, however, Cleveland Heights police would not comment on the incident citing the police report was not complete.

The victim says from now on, he’ll carry pepper spray for protection.

“If I were watching a drama in the theatre, I would have thought that was too contrived…I wouldn’t have believed it if that were a scene in a movie.”