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ALBERTA, Canada– A dog being cared for at a pet motel and foster care center in Canada truly has some wonderful motherly instincts. When she heard some foster puppies crying, she sneaked out of her kennel to comfort them.

Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming posted on its Facebook page that they’ve seen some adorable things, but “this story takes the cake.”

A mama dog named Maggie, who recently had her own puppies adopted out, came to the rescue when she heard crying.  It was coming from two puppies, who were frightened and spending their first night at the center.

Maggie let herself out of her kennel and was lying next to their room.

Alex Aldred, who works at Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, told ABC News,  “We’ve never really seen it before, where a dog sneaks out to some puppies and is so excited to see them.”

All three of them were then put together for some wonderful cuddle time and the foster care center said all of them were so happy! And, we are happy to report that Maggie found a forever home!