*The above video recently shows a dog from Westlake winning awards in a dog dock jumping competition by leaping 21 feet

STARK COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Lucas gave his family quite a scare on Halloween night.

The Golden Long-Haired Dachshund was outside when he got his head stuck in a fence gate. His family called Jackson Township firefighters who came to the rescue and helped to free the trapped dog.

Firefighters cut part of the gate away from the fence to make it easier to free Lucas, then they cut the gate bars and pried it open, firefighters said.

“We respond to all types of calls, which may even include these types,” said Jackson Township Fire Chief Tim Berczik.” “As a puppy owner myself, my family and I can appreciate how much we care for our loved animals.  We’re glad this call had a happy ending and that Lucas is home getting lots of pets and treats,” Berczik added.

*The above photos show Jackson Township firefighters freeing the dog after the dog’s head got stuck in a gate